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Questions:   Anthony E. Gallo   (202) 544-6973 agallo2368@verizon.net  No Charge Free Shuttle From GW Metro Stop Or park at The Kennedy Center ($23)Questions:   Anthony E. Gallo   (202) 544-6973 agallo2368@verizon.net  No Charge Free Shuttle From GW Metro Stop Or park at The Kennedy Center ($23)


 The Eaton Woman is not well suited for people who hate gossip.   But the play dispels any notion that Washington was once a kinder, gentler city.

This historically based two-act dramedy by Anthony E. Gallo(’93) is all about morals, adultery, lies, deception, women’s roles in Washington Society, the quasi downfall of the Jackson Administration, and the most beautiful woman in Washington history.  Others say the most immoral and abrasive.  All agree on one thing.  She and her husband, the US Secretary of the Army, Jackson biographer, and Tennessee Senator (elected at age 28) created more controversy than any other power couple in Power Washington’s political history. 

Andrew Jackson defeated the British in New Orleans and the Adams family of Massachusetts, vanquished Native American Indians, was involved in at least twelve duels and was a loved and respected hero of the American people.  But how was he to handle the Petticoat Rebellion brought on by the Cabinet wives who objected to the de facto first lady and boycotted the White House?  But it was a matter of honor.  Beloved Rachel Jackson died shortly following her husband’s election to the presidency of the United, killed by hurtful attacks on her morality.   The seventh President, therefore, would defend his Margaret O’ Neal Timberlake Eaton 

Through 79 years she goes through three husbands raises more eyebrows when she marries in her late fifties and spends her last days reminiscing and defending her morality.  Was she responsible for Marin van Buren’s ascendancy to the presidency? And how about John Calhoun?


Margaret Eaton                                                            Kacie Greenwood  
Andrew Jackson                                                           Philip Baedecker
John Eaton                                                                   Aref Dajani
Rachel Jackson                                                             Kathleen Reilly   
Ezra Ely                                                                       Bob Cohen  
Floride Calhoun                                                            Margaret Bagley  
John Calhoun                                                               Bob Cohen
John Campbell                                                              Steve Rosenthal
Emily Donelson.                                                         Kathleen Reilly
Elizabeth Branch                                                          Kathleen Reilly    
Eliza Berrien                                                                 Tina Anderson
Deborah Ingham                                                           Iva Zicha
Narrator                                                                        ReillyWhitehall

Sound Designer                                                             Beatrix Whitehall

Ensemble                                                                       Entire Cast

Kathleen Reilly 

Mabel Jones                                                                  Beatrix Whitehall

Martin Van Buren                                                        Grant Bagley  

Antonio, Jones, John Berrie                                          George Spencer

Willie, John Branch,  Campbell                                  


Hosts as Part of the 2019 Page-to-Stage Festival 
SATURDAY, August 1, 2019,  1:00 AM TO 3:00 PM