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Browns Court Publishing Company


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browns court publishing company    

Located at: 492 Browns Court, Washington, DC 20003   Mailing Address:  Box 15414  Washington, DC 20003


Browns Court Publishing Company in Washington, DC is located on Browns Path off of historic Browns Court in the Capitol Hill Historic District since 1995.  Five blocks from the Library of Congress

What do we do?


Browns Court Publishing Company is the publisher for the Seventh Street Playhouse, Eastern Market Studios on Capitol Hill, Gallo Music Company, Gallo Economics, and Gallo Journalism. 

Browns Court Publishing maintains the acclaimed web site aegallo.com.  The Sight has 80 related pages.

Here are some of them.

Browns Court Publishing has posted 1400 Tweets on Twitter, 3200 Facebook Postings, and 1800 Link  Postings.   Mr. Gallo has 400 links, 225 Face  Book friends, and 105 Twitter followers

Browns Court Publishing Company publishes Anthony E. Gallo's prose:  A E Gallo Prose

Browns Court Publishing has published 21 dramas, 12 Economic Research publications, and 3 related volumes on Amazon.  Click for details.

Amazon Publications:    

Anthony E. Gallo, Economist:   

The Cabala

Charleston Revisited   

Dramatists Guild


Eastern Market Studios


 Gallo Music Company

Heathcliff in America:   

Historic Preservation:








       ANTHOLOGIES                                                     YEAR PUBLISHED

1. COMPLETE PLAYS OF ANTHONY E GALLO              2006   

2. FIVE DRAMAS BY ANTHONY E. GALLO                      2007 

3. EIGHT DRAMAS BY ANTHONY E. GALLO                   2008  


1. EUGENIO                                                                          2003  

2. MARGHERITA                                                                   2004  

3. THE LAST DAYS OF KING SOLOMON                         2005  

4. THE AGONY OF DAVID                                                   2006  

5. VANDERGRIFT                                                                 2007 

6. BETTER THAN THE BEST                                             2007 

7. LINCOLN AND GOD                                                         2008  

8. CHARLESTON REVISITED                                              2009

9. BOTTICELLI CRUISE                                                       2009  


1. MARGHERITA                           ISBN 9781840947007          2009

2. VANDERGRIFT                          ISBN 9781840947359         2009