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A two-act drama about two young  Americans in Rome and an elite set of aristocrats, known both mockingly and respectfully as the Cabala. is  totally based on thornton Wilder's 1921 novel.   They all have wealth and a burning desire to turn back the clock; to reinstate Kings in Europe’s republics, with the Kings divine right to rule  A full of witty observations and satire on class, etiquette and the ludicrous pretensions of Europe’s old aristocracies, it also carries a thought-provoking philosophy on the nature of religion and Gods. Gods of all sorts come and go and with it the power they give and lose to the followers of that God.    



This two-act drama about a young American
Sam, a newly-arrived recent Yale graduate finds himself entertaining a gathering of wealthy and influential Europeans in post-World War 1 Rome. Surprisingly, a legendary  Cardinal encourages him to become a part of the group.

A two-act drama about two young Aermicans

At first Sam feels privileged, but then finds out that the "Cabala" is really a pagan cult comprised largely of insecure, aimless, and superficial people who have quickly come to depend on him.

Sam tries to free himself, but finds that he is hopelessly attached to the group, and is also in love with the unstable and self-destructive Princess Alix. He must also save two other members who are prone to violence.  And all are under the influence of a powerful Cardinal who is both saint and sinner.

In the struggle between good and evil, Sam finds that he is equally attracted to both.  Finally, truth comes to the rescue when he finds a way to escape to  Hollows Corners.

Samuele, 23,   American  Yale graduate living in Rome

Carlo, Cardinal Viani, 89(but youthful)

Lucia, 40,  wealthy and devout Roman Catholic European aristocrat 

Ottima, 60,  servant and some more

Elizabeth (Miss Grier) , 50,    Wealthy  American spinster

Giovanna, The Duchess d'Aquilanera,  (55) Mother of Marcantonio

Marcantonio, 23,  Giovanna's sexually promiscuous son 

Alix, unhappily married French princess in love with James 

 Jane, Countess  Bernstein, 50,   wealthy French woman

James Blair, 23,  Samuel's  Roommate

Lucia, 40,  wealthy and devout Roman Catholic European aristocrat 

Virgil, Ancient Roman Poet