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  • L&G War! War! War!, R12:14

  • L&G - Lord, Be in Me.10:00

  • Love is Eternal - trio4:19

  • Lincoln's Face1:44

  • This is America L&G0:00

  • God Chooses a Messenger0:00

  • Eddie, You Never Left2:11

  • I Am a Southerner2:41

  • L&G - Lord, Be in Me.10:00

  Anthony Gall0 and   John ward



Anthony e. gallo and john ward

BOOK, LIBRETTO, AN LYRICS                                               ANTHONY E. GALLO


This two-act musical examines the relationship between oir 16th President and God during the Civil War  Basedon stage play of the same name by Anthony E. Gallo

Abraham Lincoln is the only American President who did not claim church membership. This folk opera examines the complex relationship between 
the Nation’s sixteenth President and his God during the Civil War. Lincoln’s
three -fold messianic intentions during his entire presidency are to remove
the scar of slavery from the sacred Constitution, preserve the Union, and
unite the Nation. “I am an accidental instrument of God’s will. ” And the American
people are “God’s almost chosen people.” And were the
incredible oratorical skills of this self-educated man a sign of the
Divine Will ? This Messianic fervor however is tempered by the
fact that both North and South thought that they were fulfilling
that divine Mission. “God wills this contest,’ he often said,
implying that the victor in the battle carried God’s favor.
Abraham Lincoln says “With my own ability I can not succeed
without the sustenance of both Divine Providence and of this
great free happy and intelligent people. Without these, I can not
succeed, with them I can not fail.” The man at the center of this drama once said “Political sermons from the pulpit and religious speeches from the soap box don’t work for me. No President should wear his religion on his sleeves. No clergy should wear his political beliefs on his robe. “Yet he rarely withheld biblical quotations in his political oratory. Lincoln’s primary communication with God does not come from reading the Word, hearing the Word, or even Prayer, but instead through the experience. Do you hear the word of God? According to Lincoln “you must let God speak to you through your experience with every deed, dialogue and action you encounter each day. “So then the Bible is worthless” asks Reverend Phineas Gurley. “It is the most important document in the history of humanity, but only when it is read and acted upon. If I can not serve the nation, I would rather be assassinated on the spot”The play traces his conflict with God through his defeats, triumphs, and tragedies as he heard God in the dialogue and actions of those closest to him. From his arrival in Washington dancing to the Mary Lincoln Polka to the Emancipation Proclamation and Second Inauguration, we follow the president as he clashes with other characters in the cast. He struggles with his moral decisions with Gurley. He falls upon God with the collapse of his beloved wife Mary and death of son Willie. Faithful chief of staff John “Nico” Hay wants him to do the politically and morally right thing. Lincoln must even confront depression, allegations of homosexuality, and séances.


English horn, oboe, flute, violin,second violin, Viola,Cello, Tympani, Voices(Soprano,alto,tenor, base) 

All music and lyrics copyrighted