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This two act Surrrealisric drama is all about the relationship between America's greatest President and England's greatest playwright. separated only by three centuries and the Atlantic Ocean.

The play opens at Ford's Theatre on All Souls day 1861, and ends on Easter Sunday 1865.

The world is all a stage said one of the two leading characters. his favorite actor.   His family, his rivals, his friends, his favorite actors, his ghosts, and his opponents.  

There is also an usher in Ford's Theater named Willie.


And yes Lincoln  does debate King John, Richard the Third, Hamlet,  Polonius, Claudius, Othello, and few other folks Will Shakespeare was familiar with.  And yes we meet all of the Lincoln family, and Lincolns Thespain friends, even  John Wilkes brother, the brother of Lincoln's two favorite actors.

And oh yes, the Bard is omnipresent, and actually converses with Lincoln.  And of course Shakespearian actors know the Bard's dialogue better than the Bard.   But not as well as Lincolm

No American President --or for that matter any  President around the world--had a better understanding and appreciation for the works of William Shakespeare than the sixteenth President of the United States.

Shakespeare comes on the stage and reads one of his siloloquies about a man he admires. 

Will that mans how up.

Lincoln goes to the theater.  Accompanied by Reverend :Phineas Gurley, Mary, Tad, Willie, Hay, Nicolai, Bates,  Seward, Chase, and his daughetr to see Lincoln/s favorite  Shakespeare play, Macbeth.  They are escorted to the both by  an usher named Will.

Edwin Booth and Charlotte Goodman perform.  Followed by three  Booth brothers. 

 Act 1   Shakespeare and Willie scene

Scene 1  Epograph scene

Scene 2   Richard TheThird

Scene 3

sene 4

Scene 5

Act 2

Scene 1

Scene 2


Scene 4

Scene 5


A  two act play by Anthony E. Gallo



  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Walt Whitman
  3. William Shakespeare
  4. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Hamlet
  6. Macbeth
  7. Othello
  8. Lear
  9. Henry 4
  10. Merchant of Venice
  11. All is well that
  12. Edwin Booth
  13. Junius Brutus Booth
  14. Asia Booth
  15. Edward Forrest
  16. Charlotte Cushman
  17. James  Hackett
  18. Mary Lincoln
  19. Willie   Lincoln
  20. Tad Lincoln
  21. John Wilkes Booth
  22. Abraham Lincoln
  23. John Seward
  24. Edward Bates
  25. Salmon Chase
  26. John Hay
  27. John Nicolay
  28. Springfield Folks


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