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tOTAL:  165  (2002-2018)   202- 54446973   AGALLO2368@VERIZON.NET

2018 (14)

  1. January 21            The Tragedy of King Saul             Lincolnia Stage
  2. February 21           The Tragedy  of King   Saul         Soldiers Home
  3. March 14                The Springfield Boys                   Arlington Mill Stage 
  4. April   23                 Margherita                                  Cosmowriters
  5. May 12                    Keynote Wharton                         Wharton School
  6. May 21                    The Springfield Boys                   Ingleside
  7. June 25                   Mr. Morris!  Mr. Morris!                 Cosmowriters              
  8. July  20                    Margherita (Full Production        Greenbelt Arts Center
  9. September 1           The Springfield Boys                    Kennedy Center
  10. September 3            Charleston Revisited                   Kennedy Center
  11. October 13              Mr. Morris! Mr. Morris                   Cosmos Club 
  12. October                   The Springfield Boys                    Lincolnia   
  13. October                  Madame Caillaux                          Cosmowriters 
  14. December               The Sprinfield Boys                    Soldiers HOme                           

2017  (13  )

  1. Feb 20                Musical Medley                                   Ingleside at Rock Creek
  2. March 8             A Musical Medley                               Soldiers Home
  3. March 31           A Musical Medley                               Artomatic Festival
  4. April 12             The Tragedy of King Saul                    Arlington Mill
  5. April 26              Mr. Morris! Mr. Morris!                        Cosmowriters 
  6. April 26              Challenge of  Playwriting                    Greenspring
  7. May 2- 26           Charleston Revisited                          Collington Players
  8. July `14-23          Teresa (Full Production)                    Greenbelt Arts Center
  9. September           The Tragedy of King Saul                  Kennedy Center
  10. September          Charleston Revisited                          Arlington Mill Stage
  11. October               Charleston Revisited                          Soldiers Home
  12.  November           The Tragedy of King Saul                  Ingleside Stage
  13.   November 18       Luther                                                Cosmos Theater

2016   (9)_

  1. jANUARY  21               Paul                                            dRAMATISTS  gUILD OF AMERICA   (Baltimore)  

  2. FEBRUARY 22             ABE, JOSHUA   AND BILLY          COSMOWRITERS

  3. EBRUARY  29               MARGHERITA                                  INGLESIDE AT ROCK CREEK STAGE
  4. May   16                       MEDLEY                                      ARLINGTON MILL STAGE
  5. JULY  8-17                   THE EATON WOMAN                   GREENBELT ARTS CENTER 
  6. SEPT 3                         A MUSICAL MEDLEY                     KENNEDY CENTER 
  8. OCTOBER 22              HEATHCLIFF  IN AMERICA          COSMOS CLUB
  9. NOVEMBER 2             A MUSICAL MEDLEY                                LINCOLNIA STAGE

2015  Fifteen

  1. January 16    Eugenio                                         Dramatists Guild (NYC)

  2. February     9    Paul                                              Lincolnia Stage

  3. March 18        Paul                                              Arlington Mill Stage

  4. April 6        Paul                                                    Villa Rosa Stage

  5. April 13        Paul                                                    INgleside  Rock Creek Stage

  6. APRIL 27        PAul                                                    Cosmowriters

  7. May  3   Paul                                                        Collington Stage

  8. July 18-27                                                              The Springfield Boys(Prod)          Greenbelt Arts

  9. August 5                                                                The Agony of David     Arlington Mill Stage

  10. August 27          Teresa                                         cosmowriters

  11. September 5     Paul                                                 Kennedy Center

  12. October 17     Teresa                                                cosmowriter

  13. November 8          The Agony of Davdid                   Collington  STAGE 

  14. November 23              tEAM OF fRIENDS                  cOSMOWRITERS

  15. DECEMBER 14       THE AGONY OF  DAVID                vILLA rOSA

2014 Thirteen Stagings

1.January        The Last Days of King Solomon                  Ingleside Rock Creek Stage

2.February         The Last Days of King Solomon                Knollwood Stage

3.March            The Last Days of King Solomon                  Lincolnia Stage

4.March            The Last Days of King Solomon                  Greenspring Stage

5.May            The Springfield Boys                                        Cosmos Theater

6.July            Eugenio (Production)                                      Greenbelt Arts Center

7.August        The Last Days of King Solomon                   Arlington Mill Stage

8.August        Lincoln Opera                                                  Kennedy Center

9.August        Margherita                                                          Kennedy Center

10.October        The Eaton Woman                                            Cosmos Theater

11.October        Eugenio                                                            Villa Rosa Stage

12.November        Eugenio                                                      Arlington Mill Stage

13.November        The Last Days of King Solomon                  Villa Rosa Stage

Cosmowriter Workshop

2013      Nine Stagings

  1. January, The Agony of David, Knollwood,                            Washington, DC
  2. January, The Agony of David,                                                 Lincolnia Center, Fairfax Virginia
  3. May,  Eugenio, Lincolnia Center,                                           Fairfax, Virginia
  4. The Botticelli Cruise                                                               Greenbelt Arts Center (Prod) June 28-Jul 6
  5. Eugenio                                                                                    Knollwood July 13
  6. Lincoln Discussion                                                                 Cosmos Club July31
  7. Eugenio                                                                                   The Kennedy Center August 29
  8. The Agony of David Ingleside                                              September 25
  9. The Tragedy of King Saul  Cosmos Club                              November 16

2012     Fifteen

  1. January, The Botticelli Cruise, Dramatists Guild of America, New York City
  2. January, Margherita, Lincolnia, Fairfax, Virginia
  3. March , The Botticelli Cruise, Lincolnia, Fairfax, Virginia
  4. March, The Botticelli Cruise, Knollwood, Washington, DC
  5. March, May, Margherita, US Department of State, Washington, DC
  6. May, Paul, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD
  7. May, Margherita, United States Department of State, Washington, DC
  8. June, The Botticelli Cruise, Artomatic Festival, Crystal City, VA
  9. June, Film Charleston Revisited, Artomatic Festival, Crystal City, VA
  10. July, Lincoln and God, Production, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD
  11. August, Lincoln and God, Production, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD
  12. September, The Botticelli Cruise, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Page to Stage Fesival, Washington, DC
  13. August, Theatre Workshop, Shenandoah Center, Alexandria, Va
  14. October, The Agony of David, Lincolnia Center, Fairfax Virginia
  15. November, The Agony of David, Knollwood, Washington, DC


2011  Twelve

1. January, Lincoln and God, Dramatists Guild of America, New York City

2. February, Charleston Revisited, Knollwood, Washington, DC

3. March, Lincoln and God, Knollwood, Washington, DC

4. June, Vandergrift!, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD (Production)*

5. June, Vandergrift!, H Street Playhouse, Washington, DC

6. July, Margherita, Knollwood, Washington, DC

7. September, Lincoln and God, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

8. September, Vandergrift!, Lincolnia, Fairfax, VA

9. September, Vandergrift!, Knollwood Distaff House, Washington, DC

10. October, Paul, Cosmos Theatre, Washington, DC

11. November, Charleston Revisited, Lincolnia, Lincolnia, Fairfax, Va

12. December, Charleston Revisited, Ingleside, Washington, DC


2010 Ten

1. January, Charleston Revisited, Dramatists Guild of America, New York City

2. February, Lincoln and God, National Press Club

3. August, Charleston Revisited, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD.(Production)

4. August, The Botticelli Cruise, Corner Store Stage

5. September, The Agony of David, The Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts.

6. September, Lincoln and God, Armed Forces Retirement Home

7. September, Lincoln, God, and the Washington Press Corps, National Press Club

8. September, The Botticelli Cruise, Actors Block, Woolley Mammoth Theatre

9. October, Charleston Revisited, Armed Forces Retirement Home

10. October, The Botticelli Cruise, The Cosmos Theatre

2009  10

  1. January, Margherita Dramatists Guild of America,
  2. February, Lincoln and God, Cosmos Theatre
  3. March, Margherita, National Pres Club,
  4. April, The Agony of David, National Press Club
  5. May, The Last Days of King Solomon, Artomatic Festival
  6. June, The Last Days of King Solomon, Artomatic Festival
  7. July, Lincoln And God, Warehouse Theatre
  8. August, Charleston Revisited, Corner Store Stage
  9. September, The Last Days of King Solomon, Kennedy, Center for the Performing Arts
  10. October, Charleston Revisited, Cosmos Theatre
  11. October. Margherita, Italian Center, Harvard Club of Boston
  12. November, The Last Days of King Solomon, Dramatists Guild of America
  13. November, The Last Days of King Solomon, National Press club
  14. November. Lincoln Lecture, Cosmos Club

  1. 2008    16
  2. January, Margherita, .New York University Public Staged Reading
  3. January, Eugenio Corner Store Stage Reading
  4. February The Agony of David Cosmos Theatre Public Staged Reading
  5. February, Lincoln Seminar, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Seminar
  6. March Eugenio, Arts Club of Washington
  7. April, Playwright Speech, Authors Club of Washington.
  8. April, The Agony of David, National Press Club Staged Public Reading
  9. May, The Last Days of King Solomon, Universalist Stage, Staged Reading
  10. July, Eugenio,. Dorothy Strelsin Stage, Midtown Festival
  11. July Eugenio Capital Fringe Full Production
  12. September Vandergrift!, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  13. November, Margherita, National Press Club
  14. November 2008: Arthur Schnitzler: La Ronde
  15. December 2008, Better than the Bes, Seventh Street Playhouse

2007    7

  1. January Lincoln and God, Playwrights Forum Public, Staged Reading
  2. June, Lincoln and God, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Peter Marshall Stage
  3. July, Margherita, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Full Production
  4. September, Margherita, Corner Store Theatre, Full Production
  5. September, Vandergrift National Press Club Public Staged Reading
  6. October, Lincoln and God Cosmos Theatre Public, Staged Reading
  7. December, David Peter Marshall Stage Public Staged Reading



2006-2005  13

1. November, Eugenio, Prime Time Theatre Reading

2. November, Last Days of King Solomon, Cosmos Theatre , Staged Reading

3. December, Vandergrift, New Kensington Civic Theatre Production

4. July, The Last Days of King Solomon, Playwrights Forum Public Staged Reading

5. April , Vandergrift, Casino Theatre Private Staged Reading

6. August, The Agony of David, Seventh Street Playhouse Staged Reading

7. August TS Elliot: The Cocktail Party Workshop Moderator

8. March: Ben Jonson: Volpone Seminar

9. June, Solomon, Playwrights Forum Public Staged Reading

10. August, Vandergrift, Seventh Street Playhouse Staged Reading

11. January –November, Vandergrift, PF Workshop

12. March-August, Lincoln and God, PF Workshop

13. November, Better than the Best Vandergrift, PF Workshop


2004  4

1. August, Margherita, Seventh Street Playhouse Staged Reading

2. October, Eugenio, 2004 Playwrights Forum Public Staged Reading

3. August, The Last Days of King Solomon Seventh Street Playhouse Staged Reading

4. 2003-04, The Last Days of King Solomon PF Workshop

2003  4

1. March, Margherita, Playwrights Forum Public Staged Reading

2. October, Eugenio, Cosmos Theatre Public Stage Reading

3. 2001-03, Margherita, PF Workshop


2002  3

1. January, Pirandello: It Is If You Think it is. Workshop Moderator

2. October, Margherita, Cosmos Theatre Public Staged Reading

3. July, Eugenio, Playwrights Forum Playhouse Reading



Eugenio PF Workshop

Margherita, PF Workshop


Cosmowriter Workshops   12
The Last Days of King Solomon    2011
The Agony of David        2011
Lincoln and God               2012
Charleston Revisited         2012
The Botticelli Cruise        2013
The Tragedy of King Saul    2013
The Eaton Woman            2014
The Springield boys        2014
Paul                2015
Teresa                2015
Vandergrift            2015


Play                                         Venue                          YEAR                Amount

  1.   Margherita                                 Cosmos Theatre          2002                $11      
  2.   Eugenio                                     Cosmos Theatre          2003                $12
  3.   Solomon                                    Cosmos Theatre          2005                $14
  4.   Vandergrift                                Cosmos Theatre          2006                $14
  5.   Lincoln and God                       Peter Marshall             2007                $15
  6.  . Margherita                                 Mammoth/Fringe        2007                $22
  7.   Lincoln Scenes                          Cosmos Theatre          2007               $15
  8.   The Agony of David                 Cosmos Theatre          2008                $19
  9.   Eugenio                                     Corner Store Stage      2008                $10
  10.  . Lincoln and God                     Cosmos Theatre          2009                $45
  11.   Charleston Revisited               Corner Store Stage      2009               $10
  12.   Charleston Revisited               Cosmos Theatre          2009                $10
  13.   Lincoln Bicentennial               National Press Club    2010                $15
  14.   Charleston Revisited               Greenbelt Arts Center 2010                $15
  15.   The Botticelli Cruise                Corner Store Stage      2010                $10
  16.   The Botticelli Cruise                Cosmos Theatre          2010                $19
  17.   Vandergrift!                            Greenbelt Arts Center 2011                $15
  18.   Paul                                           Cosmos Theatre         2011                $18
  19.   Paul                                       Greenbelt Arts Center               2012                 $5
  20.   Lincoln and God                     Greenbelt Arts Center          2012                $15
  21. The Botticelli Cruise               Greenbelt Arts Center            2013              $17
  22.  The Tragedy of King Saul      Cosmos Theatre                       2013       $14   
  23. The Springfield Boys              Cosmos Theatre               2014    $19
  24. The Eaton Woman                   Cosmos Theater                2015     19$
  25. Eugenio                                   Greenbelt Arts Center         2014 
  26. The Springfield Boys            Greenbelt Arts Center   2015
  27. The Eaton Woman                Greenbelt Arts Center     2016
  28. Teresa                                      The Greenbelt Arts Center  2017M   
  29. Margherita                                Greenbelt ARts Center      2018
  30. Heathcliff in America            Cosmos Club     2016 
  31. Luther                                         Cosmos  2017
  32.  Hea