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Eighty years ago, Charleston matron Charlotte Butler made a decision that

changed the world. Tonight she faces that decision in her home and under

the stars in St. Philips Cemetery.

This two-act mystery-comedy takes place on Logan Street in the heart of the renowned Charleston Historic district. Charlotte Butler, raises thousands of flowers to the hum of classical music, cultivates birds, plays championship bridge, ballroom dances daily, sometimes cleans her own house, and spars with both her parrot Jacob and flighty neighbor Ginny(Gin) Middleton. Gin's latest flame is the distinguished former New Hampshire Senator Mark Smythe, now a Logan Street resident, who appears to have a curious interest in Charlotte. When Gin has to cancel one of their dates because of an emergency in Savannah, Mark slips in and visits Charlotte. We then learn that the visit is more than a mere curiosity, as we find out that these two bizarre people have much in common. She makes him accompany her to St Philips' Cemetery at night where they encounter someone she does not want to see.

Running Time: 68 minutes


Charlotte Butler, mid nineties, energetic
Mark Smythe, Nearly eighty
Virginia "Gin" Middleton, fifties
Jim Haywood, mid nineties

Mr. Blue Jay

Madame Finch

Radio Announcer
Jacob, a parrot


  1. May 2017 Collington  Full Production Collington Players  Produced and directed by Grant Bagley
  2.  December 2012, Ingleside at Rock Creek Stage, Washington, DC
  3.  November ,2011, Lincolnia Stage, Fairfax, Virginia
  4.  February 2011.  KnollwoodStage
  5.  August 2010 Greenbelt Arts Center,, Greenbelt, MD Full Production
  6.  October 2010 Armed Forces Retirement Home
  7.  January 2010, Dramatists Guild of America
  8.   October 2009 Cosmos Theater 
  9.   August 2009 Corner Store Stage
  10.   May 2009 Seventh Street Playhouse



Touching, Yet Mysterious  GREENBELT ARTS CENTER’s Charleston Revisited
August 12, 2010
by Carol Griffith
GAC’s Charleston Revisited “Charleston  Revisited,”  now  playing  at  the  Greenbelt  Arts  Center  (GAC),  is  a  very  intriguing  play  –  sweet,  touching,  mysterious  and  spiritual.    It  will  have one  pondering  its  meaning  long after  the  show  is  over.

 Set,  as  the  name  suggests,  in contemporary  Charleston,  S.C., the  two-act  play  revolves  around Charlotte  Butler,  a  95-year-old matron  and  pillar  of  the  community.    She  leads  a  quiet  life  amid her  birds  and  flowers,  except  for  visits  by  her  neighbor  Gin.   Gin  is  dating  a  famous  senator  who  expresses  a  great  desire  to meet  Charlotte.    One  night  Gin must  break  a  date  with  him  and he  appears  at  Charlotte’s  door.  So  begins  a  tautly  written  game of  cat-and-mouse,  which  builds strongly  to  a  surprising  conclusion.    The  intertwining  themes  of forgiveness,  redemption  and  family add  a  touching  dimension  to the  play.    Adding  a  bit  of  humor  and  some  narration  are  three  of Charlotte’s  “birds,”  which  adds  a nice  touch  to  the  show.               

The  show  is  a  guest  production by  Seventh  Street  Playhouse.    Anthony  Gallo  is  the  talented  playwright  and  director  of  “Charleston  Revisited.”    He  has  written  over 50  plays,  10  of  which  have  been published.    The  troupe  consists of  impressive  actors  and  they  are excellent  in  their  roles.    Actress and  co-director  Ericka  Drezek is  known  to  GAC  audiences  as a  very  talented  performer.    The
set  is  minimalist  and  slightly  distracting  at  times  but  doesn’t  detract  from  the  quality  of  the  play. Overall, “Charleston  Revisited”  is a  great  show.

“Charleston  Revisited”  will play  on  the  Friday  and  Saturday evenings  of  August  13  and  14 and  on  Sunday,  August  15  at  2 p.m.    Reservations  may  be  made

through  the  box  office  at  301-441-8770  or  at  the  Arts  Center  at 123  Centerway,  located  beneath the  Co-op  supermarket.