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  1. Bridge
  2. Ballroom Dancing
  3. Travel
  4. Reading Books
  5. Watching Cable News
  6.  NPC Newsmakers
  7. Swimming/Water Walking
  8. Bicycling
  9. Investing


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This page is about what I do when not writing--my social and civic life.  I am active in the following  professional, social, and religious organizations:

  1. Cosmos Club*            * Denotes  Membership
  2. National Press Club* 
  3. DACORPS(Weekly Guest)
  4. Army Navy Country Club  (Weekly Guest)
  5. Arts Club of Washington (Alumnus)
  6. Little Theater of Alexandria
  7. Dramatists Guild of America*
  8. Greenbelt Arts Center*
  9. Fairfax County Senior Centers* 
  10. Arlington Country Senior Center  Group* 
  11. National Press Club American Legion Post  20, Adjutant General.
  12. NPC Newsmakers  Commitee *
  13. NPC House Committee
  14. NPC Events Committee *N
  15.  Capitol East Natatorium 
  16. Seventh Street Playhouse​ *
  17. Cosmos Club:  Book Discussion
  18. Cosmos Club:  Civil War
  19. Cosmos Club:  Land Use
  20. Cosmos Club:  Bridge
  21. Cosmos Club: Cosmowriters
  22. Cosmos Club:  Finance Committee
  23. Cosmos Club:  History Group
  24. Victorian Vandergrift *
  25. Ballroom Dance Groups: (9) Instep, Arlington Mill,  Lee. Lincolnia, Glen Echo, Fall Church,Elegant, Lioudmila, Northern Virginia Western and Country Dance Association
  26. Churches: (5) St Peter's on Capitol Hill, St. Josephs on Capitol Hill, Holy Rosary,  New York Avenue Presbyterian,  St. Marks on Capitol Hill (Episcopal) 
  27. Economic Research Service Alumni Group*
  28. Congressional Cemetery


Some images. Going clockwise: National Press Club, Army Navy Country Club, Arts Club of Washington, Cosmos Club, Lee-Bacon House, Dramatists Guild of America,  The Hill Center, Capitol East Natatorum, the Eastern Market,Little Theatre of Alexandria, Lincolnia Center, Arlington Mill Center

 This year marks my twenty- second anniversary of playing bridge every Thursday with old friends at the Diplomatic and Consular Corps in DC.

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