This Surrealistic  drama looks at the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, oldest and only surviving son of President Lincoln.   We examine Mr,  Lincoln's life both as man caught in the mainstream of human tragedy and suffering but  who still triumphed to make a contribution to the land he loved so well not as Able Lincoln's son but as  Robert Todd Lincoln, statesman and business man. 

He either witnessed or was nearby for three of our Presidential assassinations:  Lincoln,Garfield, and McKinley.  The younger Lincoln missed out on the fourth, John F. Kennedy, only because he had been dead for 36 years in 1963.   We open at the dedication of the Lincoln Memoria on the National Mall in 1922

Through his eyes takes place in 1884, as crowds clamor for him to become president  at the age of 41.He  muses in his office going back to the tragedy of 1865

His life was beset by one tragedy after another   His father was assassinated, in 1865,  his three younger brothers died  in childhood, as did his only son. i he was forced to incarcerate his mother.  By  the end of his life he will also either be present or nearby the assassination of three American Presidents:  Lincoln, Garfield ,and McKinley

 A surrealist drama about President Lincoln’s only surviving son.  This remarkable did what no other American has done.   He experienced directly the assassination of three American Presidents and missed the fourth (John f. Kennedy) because he had been dead for 37 years.   He lived the gilded life as the only survivng son of a truly remarkable President but his life was plagued with setbacks heartbreaks and disappointments. His father was assassinated, his three younger brothers all died young and Robert Todd d Lincoln was forced to  incarcerate his mother. ….  A mysterious person appears to confroant Robert as he must face fthe painful memories of three assassinations, a distant  reelartionship with his father rthe eatrh of his rhee borrhes and the incarctration of his mother who olnly lived tro produce and honor trhe Lincoln men in her life.    We follow rthe olnly Lincln suviovr as he confonrt shis pastr in lighr of being sectrary ofd dendne  ambassado ro rhe cour odf sr. James. and a business leade r  We rreavel hfoh him veinf ar rhe coe od rhe milirary industreial complex in reh unired srae.


Robert Todd Lincoln

Mary Lincon (His Wife)

Mary Todd Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

John Hay

President  Garfield

President McKinley

John Wikes Booth



A Two-Act Play

by Anthony E Gallo

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