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Premiere Staging    Cosmos Club    2013

2017 Stagings

  1. Arlington Mill Stage    April
  2. Kennedy Center      September
  3. Ingleside                  November
  4. Soldiers Home        TBA     


the tragedy of king saul

by anthony  e. Gallo

This play is the third in the dramatist’s Dynastic Trilogy (includes The Agony of David and The Last Daysof King Solomon) of three monarchs whose legacy is still pervasive both in the Abrahamic religions and the modern secular world. As in the other two, Samuel 1, Chronicles and Josephusare the basic sources of historical memorial.

Saul was Israel’s first king, following two hundred years of being ruled by judges or seers. God, speaking through Samuel, warned against a kingship, but eventually allowed the people to have their way. This play deals with Saul’s tragic kinship. A mighty warrior who succeeded in the battlefield, Saul aroused the enmity of an already jealous Samuel because he (Saul) had disobeyed God’s Will by not killing all the Amalakites rather than just some of them.  . Saul eventually looses both human and divine favor because of his character flaws. He comes into conflict with his biological son Jonathan, adopted son David (eventually king), daughter Michal and all others around him as he deals with his own melancholy and eventual destruction while creating and defending the nation of Israel.

Samuel secretly anoints a remarkable young shepherd boy, David, to be the next king. Following this downfall, life for Saul get’s worse. Samuel never speaks to him again. Saul wins battle after battle, but David outshines him in battle, even killing the ferocious giant Goliath. Saul‘s children submit tothis new warrior-fighter, poet, harpist, lover, and warrior, to Saul’s chagrin. Saul becomes depressed, and becomes melancholic. He even visits the Witches of Endor who lead him to the dead soul of Samuel, who gives Saul no comfort. Saul finally dies in battle, falling on his own sword—essentially a suicide. His sons died with him, and David becomes king.

The ingredients in this play make for intense drama more in line with the ancient Greek tragedies: murder, betrayal, power, depression, fighting, military battles, insecurity, and jealousy. All based on Samuel 1 and Josephus. Even the occult has a role in the play.

Not exactly a nice Sunday school story.

CAST  2017

First Witch of Endor                                     Renate Wallenberg             

Second Witch of Endor                                Margaret Bagley                           

Abner                                                                 George Spencer                  

Samuel, Chief Judge of Israel                     Sam Simon                           

Saul, First King of Israel                               Tim Wolf                                           

Johnathan, Saul’s son                               Julian   Ball                          

David Second King of Israel                  Steve Rosenthal                  

Jesse, David’s Father                                Grant Bagley                        

Michal                                                         Emily Canavan            

Alich                                                              Dick  DeCorps                      

Ahimelch                                                   Abiathar                    

Joel                                                              Aref Dajani       

Ensemble                                                    Entire Cast


Sound and Narration                                Beatrix Whitehall




  1. Cosmos Theater    2013
  2. ​Cosmowriters         2014
  3. Arlington Mill Stage  2017
  4. Kennedy Center    2017
  5. Ingleside Stage   2117