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The play is not well suited for people who hate gossip.
This historically based drama two act drama by Antony E. Gallo is all about morals, adultery, rumors of adultery, women’s roles in Washington Society, the quasi downfall of the Jackson Administration in the 1830s, infidelity, and the most beautiful woman in Washington history.   Through 79 years she goes though three husbands raises even more eyebrows when she marries in her late fifties, and spends her last days reminiscing and defending her morality.
Some say she was the most beautiful woman in Washington Power’s history. Others say the most immoral. Others say the most abrasive.  All agree on one thing.  She and her husband, The US secretary of the army, former Army Major, and then Secretary of Defense for Andrew Jackson, created more controversy than any other power couple in power Washington’s Political history. And no one has yet figured out what was the truth.

The daughter of owners of the Franklin Inn in Washington,   Margaret O’Neal Timberlake Eaton Buchignani came to know Washington at birth.   A stunningly attractivewoman,she  becomes a major influence at the White House following death of President Jackson’s beloved Rachel.  She marries Senator John Eaton of Tennessee who is about to become the Secretary of the Army. But the Cabinet wives did not like her, and began the "Petticoat Affair."

The play dispels any notion that Washington was once a kinder, gentler city.    CHARACTERS

Margaret Eaton
Andrew Jackson
John Eaton
Rachel Jackson
Reverend John Campbell
Floride Bonneau Calhoun
John Calhoun
Reverend Ezra Ely
Emily Donalsen
Martin Van Buren
Antonio Gabriele Buchignani
Mabel Doge
Deborah Ingham  ( Treasury Secretary’s wife)
Elizabeth Branch (Navy Secretary's wife)
Eliza Berrien(Attorney General’s wife)
John Branch(Navy Secretary
Samuel Ingham (Treasury Secretary)
John Berrien (Attorney General)
Chair Thief

Mother O'Neal

Performance History

October 2014     CosmosTheater Premier

July 2016            Greenbelt  Arts Center



Tony - thanks for the email. By the way, I really enjoyed "The Eaton Woman". I like the way the play opens with the whole cast on stage talking all at once. Even though it's a tad confusing, it sets the stage for what will follow, which is a play set in a time in history that wasn't so different from ours. There was gossip and scandals at high levels of government back then too. The Cosmos Club is good venue for your plays too. Julie