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The Gallo Charitable Trust is set set up to support seven nonprofit organizations:

​Click on the title of each company for a complete description of each. 

The Seventh Street Playhouse-LLC

The Seventh Street Playhouse has produced nearly 160 stagings in nearly 40 venues since it's founding.   

Eastern Market Studios

 Is a motion picture and video company which has produced one feature length film and nearly one hundred videos videos.

 Browns Court Publishing  Company

Is a publishing company with ovevr 40 publications to its credit.   Since 2012 all publications have been released by Amazon.

Gallo Music Company

​Gallo music company is the producer of four musical:  Lincoln and Gd, David, Vandegrift and The Botticelli Cruise.

Gallo Communications

Is comprised of four sections:  National Press Club Newsmaker presentations, Browns CourtPublising company publications, aegallo.com Webmaster functions, and Gallo Adventures 

Gallo Economics

Is the depository and contact center for all Anthony e Gallo two hundred economics publications. Mr Gallo is no longer an active economic researcher, bu his publications are still in demand and many are avalable on Amazon. 

Gallo Adventure   

Mr. Gallo travels extensively  both in the United Stages and abroad, and record, videos and writes about his travels.                       

Gallo Charitable Trust is funded by donations and Gallo Investment Company

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